The Tech Doctor is your one stop shop for all things computers.computers.|web design.

The Tech Doctor however holds almost 20 years of computer troubleshooting and repair experience and utilizes that knowledge and experience along with our dedication with every computer we service.

Virus & Malware Removals

Computer security is one of our specialties. Viruses and malware are becoming more and more vicious every day. Is your computer protected from these attacks? Is your computer infected? Call us for our complete computer security services.

Custom Built Desktop PCs

Custom built desktop computers offer you the exact computer you need with a warranty that no computer manufacturer can offer. Store bought computers come with a 1 year warranty but custom built computers have warranties ranging from 3 year to lifetime!

Website Design

The Tech Doctor offers a wide range of web design abilities. Whether you need a website built for a business, a hobby, a blog or just for fun we offer packages that suit every need. We also provide maintenance on existing websites.

Custom Desktops

We build custom desktop computer for any need whether it be a graphics computer, a gaming computer or an everyday use computer, we do it all.

Computer Upgrades

Just because you’ve owned your current computer for a couple years doesn’t mean it’s getting old and slow and needs to be replaced. There are many ways to upgrade and speed up that computer without having to buy a new one. Call us today to have us provide your best options.

Computer Training

The Tech Doctor also provide training in many area of computers including PC basics, Windows 7 and Windows 8, file management, Microsoft Office, email, the internet, staying safe online and social media.

Why Choose Us?

1. Almost 20 Years Of Experience

The Tech Doctor utilizes almost 20 years of computer experience to provide you with the best possible solutions for your computer needs while still providing the affordable prices we have become known for in our years in business.

2. Fast Service

We provide the fastest turnaround times possible. Most times repairs are complete within 24 hours!!

3. Remote Access Available

We also utilize remote access capabilities so that we may be able to repair some computer issues without having to bring your computer to us or having us come to you. We can fix many virus and malware infections via remote access as well as assist you in configuring many aspects of Windows.