Electronics Recycling

Our Recycling Program


s of January of 2013 it became illegal in Pennsylvania to dispose of any electronics or computer hardware via your waste disposal service. While every local township schedules days every so often for collection of these items they only happen once a month leaving you with the inconvenience of having to store these items until that date arrives.

The Tech Doctor offers free pick-up of electronics and computer hardware within our service area as well as convenient drop-off of these items at our location. All items we receive are properly recycled as per state laws. All computer we receive with hard drives intact will have the hard drive drilled with a 1 inch drill bit to ensure proper destruction of the data.

The items we accept are:
Desktop towers
LCD monitors
LCD televisions
DVD players
Blu Ray players
Surround sound equipment
CD players
Rechargeable batteries
Car batteries
Camcorders and cameras
Car audio, video and GPS
Cell phones
Video game consoles and accessories
Digital tuners and converters
iPods and MP3 players
Tablets and e-readers
Music equipment

What we do not accept:
Large appliances
Air conditioners
Projection televisions
Tube televisions
Satellite dishes
Non-rechargeable (one use) batteries
Copy machines